12 Health Benefits of spending time in Nature ( even 30 minutes can Help )

Benefits of spending time in Nature

Time to time many scientific studies proved the power of nature and how humans can get benefits out of it. No one can ignore the importance of nature in our life. Yet, as our society has developed, we preferred our own creations and distanced ourselves from nature. By refusing to spend time in nature we risked ourselves against many physical and mental problems.

Spending time in nature can help you to connect more with nature and get its amazing health benefits.

Numerous scientific studies already proved many health benefits of spending time in nature. In this article, you will know about benefits of being outdoor, how nature makes you healthier and its processes. And reasons why you need to spend more time in nature.

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How spending time Outdoor works?

Science identified some factors which directly and indirectly benefits someone who spends time in nature. Some of those factors lead to positive change in mind as well as in the body. Researches in this field recently opened ample opportunities that you can get by spending as little as 30 minutes in nature.

If you want to know about the healing power of nature and its other benefits then you have to observe, praise and honor the nature.

If you look at the history of ancient civilization then you can notice how they treated nature and how it helped them to survive with prosperity.

Nature got plenty of things that you can get benefit from. To enjoy those you just need to observe and connect with nature. Here goes – 12 benefits of spending time in nature, as little as 30 minutes.

Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

health Benefits of spending time in Nature

1. Spending time in nature can help You Feel Refreshed and Rejuvenated

To spend time in nature – every time you don’t need to go to state conservancies. It can be a wooded park or a community park, it does not matter as long as you can breathe the fresh air, feel the cold air rippling over your skin, hear the soft sound made by green leafs and tree branches, see the squirrels running and jumping from one tree to another, and birds searching for food and flying here and there.

If you are surrounded by these things then you are in nature and you can get all of its benefits.

There is something about those things and a rhythm of nature which makes it so refreshing. No matter how tired you are spending some time in nature can help you to charge your inner battery and you can get relaxed and rejuvenated.

2. An immune system boost

One of the vital health benefits of spending time in nature is – it will help you to get a strong immune system.

By conducting several scientific studies, scientists have found that spending time in natural surroundings with plenty of trees and natural flora and fauna – peoples experienced positive improvements in immune functions.

One big reason behind it is the presence of phytoncides which are airborne chemicals that plants emit themselves to protect themselves from rooting and forest insects. Scientists have found that this phytoncide also benefits humans.

Also, spending time in nature lowers stress hormones which give you a better mood and influences other factors to strengthen the immune system.

“Shinrin-yoku” or “ Forest bathing” – A simple idea to connect with nature. In it, a person simply visits and spends some time in a natural area and walks in a relaxed way to clam and rejuvenate body and mind.

The idea of ‘shinrin-yoku’ first developed and practiced in Japan during the 1980s and it has shown excellent results. ( you can see some of the research paper here.)

3. Spending time in nature reduces stress and anxiety

If you live or spend time near green space then you are less likely to be depressed.

In recent years researchers unveiled reasons behind many ancient practices. Its found that ecotherapy ( connecting with nature ) is as effective as traditional psychotherapy or medication in lowering stress and anxiety.

Researchers at the University of Essex conducted a survey where they found that 94% of the individual believed that spending time in nature and connecting with it help them to have a positive mood.

So, if you are living near a park or spending time in the green then you will experience less anxiety and depression than others who don’t pass time in nature.

Benefits of spending time in Nature

4. Being in nature boosts creativity

Immersing yourself in nature gives you inspiration and makes you more productive. Constant distractions and stimulation’s of modern life make you less focused. Time to time your mind needs to get relaxed.

When you are out in a natural place your mind gets relaxed easily and it replenishes your attention.

This study found that – now adults and children are spending more time virtually. Less exposure in outdoors and open spaces have a direct impact on their lifestyle.

Attention Restoration Theory (ART) suggest that spending time in nature can replenish your attentional system.

Therefore going outdoor can help you to be focused and being in nature inspires creativity.

5. It will reset your internal clock

Can’t sleep at night? Spending time in nature can help you.

Many people struggle to fall asleep. When you sleep late for days; your normal sleep cycle get disturbed and there are many bad consequences.

If you are suffering from insomnia or having a harder time falling asleep then spending some days close to nature can help you.

According to this study just spending one weekend in the woods can automatically reset your circadian rhythm (inner clock). The study observed this among the participants: Peoples who camped for a weekend fell asleep and woke up early in the morning than some participants who stayed home.

After they returned from camping they noticed – they were able to fall asleep sooner and for a longer period of time.

6. Spending time in nature improves memory and cognitive function

As you already know taking a break in nature can relax your brain, reduces stress, anxiety and boosts immunity. These factors are also beneficial for other functions of our brain.

Seeing nature, listening to its sound and breathing in its fresh atmosphere shows better performance of memory and attention.

In a study led by Doctor Marc Berman to examine ‘the effect of nature walks on cognition and mood in people with major depression’ In that two-part experiment – participants received a 20 percent mental boost after spending one hour-long work walk in a woodland park.

7. Better eyesight

Nowadays we all spent so much time behind the screen. Spending a long time behind a screen can affect your eyesight.

By spending time in nature you can reverse these effects. Spending time outdoors gives your eyes a reason to focus on a large landscape, trees, moving tree leaves etc. It can give you a better eyesight and reduces nearsightedness.

8. Sunlight

Our bodies are designed to get vitamin D from nature. When you spend some time under the Sun, automaticaly your body gets vitamin D.

To absorb calcium and promote bone growth your body needs vitamin D. Also, vitamin D has many protective effects against a lot of diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, muscle weakness etc.

10-15 minutes of sunlight per day can provide ample vitamin D for your body.

9. Exercise

Although spending time in nature doesn’t have to mean exercise. It usually does involve some physical activities. Walking in nature releases tensions from your body and you get a better air circulation.

Doing exercise every day or couple of times in a week has massive benefits for your body and mind.15-30 minutes of exercise can decrease your risk from all sorts of diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even cancer.

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Some bonus tips

I mentioned earlier that spending time in nature works as a mood booster it also associates with balance in life and happiness. Every day, most of the people experience happiness more or less. But when you got a relaxed body and mind you will be happier.

Spending time in nature and happiness can improve your relationships with other peoples also.

When you fell happiness personally; you want to spread it among others also. How you feel in a day have a lot to do with how you interact with other persons. When you spend time in nature you will be nicer to others.

Spending time in the fresh air can give you more ideas and you might be inspired to save the world.


Spending time in nature gives you a positive change in your life and lifestyle. You will enjoy better health conditions. You can see increased energy level and happiness in your life. By connecting only 20-30 minutes with nature you will get enough vitamin D for your body which can help you to prevent many diseases.

Spending time in nature refreshes your mind and reduces stress and anxiety. You will also experience a boost in your immunity system and memory functions.

So, ditch everything and manage 20-30 minutes to spend in nature. You will be happier and healthier.

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