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How Often You Should Clean Your Household Items [ cleaning schedule ]

Everyone loves to stay and show others how beautiful their home is. But only a good housekeeping skill can keep a house clean from top to bottom.

In this post, you will know about a cleaning schedule for your home and simple ways to keep your home clean.

Do you feel maintaining a clean house is a lot of tasks?

Well, it is. But after reading this post you will find it less squeaky than you thought.

 Why it’s important to have a clean home?

Home is the place where we relax and recover. We find ourselves more relaxed, happy, and balanced when we stay in a clean space. Clean home also represents your personality and liking’s. If you want to see your life differently and increase your productivity then definitely you should stay and work in a clean space.

cleaning schedule

house cleaning schedule

Cleaning Schedule Checklist for your home

Short-Term Cleaning Schedule (3 days – 1 week):


Do you know this fact?

when we use our towels thousands of dead skin cells got removed and stays on that towel. Click To Tweet

Researchers have found that washing your towel after three to four uses removes millions of dead skin cells. To maintain hygiene and good health wash your towels after three uses.

Dish towels: 

Usually, once a week is sufficient. It will always look clean and fresh if you wash it once in a week. Many people ignore this and they only clean it when it gets really dirty. Regular cleaning after some interval requires a little work but having a clean dish towel completely worth it.

Wipe the Stove, Sink, and Counter: 

kitchen cleaning schedule

cleaning schedule for kitchen

They get dirty too soon. Well, it also depends on how much you are using those items.

If you want to have a beautiful kitchen then you must clean those after three to four days. Once someone enters in your kitchen these are the first things that they notice. So keep them clean.


clean your computer desk

We often ignore computer desks. Usually, most of the people grab their beverages and snacks while they are working on it. What we don’t notice that sometimes it leaves some stains. Clean your computer desk once a week to have a clean workspace.


Those peoples, who depend on stored food (most of the time). A microwave is the second important thing after there phones.

We all use it at least once a day. So try to add it to your weekly home cleaning schedule.

Cleaning tips:- Take one cup of water + one cup of vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Put those in a bowl and mix it. After that place the bowl inside your empty microwave. Turn it on for two minutes. Now you will see stems inside the oven. Take a wet cloth or sponge to wipe down the inside. It’s that simple.

Bed sheets: 

home cleaning schedule

If you use your bed linen carefully then you can wash it once a week. But if you sweat during sleeping or you go to your bed after your work, without a shower then you have to clean it after two to three days.


Clean once a week or as needed.

Medium-Term Cleaning Schedule (2 week – 1 month):

Polish furniture: 

If you take off the dust from your furniture after three to four days then you can polish them after one or two months.

But many working people don’t have that much time or they tend to forget about it. Well if you want to see the shinings of your furniture then polish them after two weeks to a month.


Cleaning schedule for a bathtub is easy. HOW?

Clean it once in a week or twice in a month. To make it really simple; before you go for your relaxed holiday bath. Clean your bathtub and enjoy the bath.


Once in a month should be fine. But every week take a careful look. If it needs some cleaning, do it.

Shower curtains:

Clean it at an interval of one week to three weeks.

Washing machine:

If you don’t do a lot of washing at home then clean it after two months. However, if you can manage to clean it once in a month that will be better.

Long-Term Cleaning Schedule (1 month – 4 months):

Remove dust from the carpet:

Cleaning a carpet and removing dust from it is very different. Most people don’t know how to maintain a carpet. If you remove dust from your carpet every month or after two to three month then you don’t have to worry about washing it.

When you remove dust from it after one or two months then the dust in it easily gets removed. But if you don’t remove the dust for a long time then it becomes hard and you need to wash or it will look dirty.


Clean it after three to four month.

In many countries people keep their pillows exposed in sunlight it kills most of the bacterias and also makes it soft. Click To Tweet

You can try it. Once in a month should be fine. Keep those under sunlight for about two to three hour. In between that time change the sides of the pillow.


Clean it after every six months for a better sleep.

You can simply clean your mattress by following this steps mentioned by PopSugar:-

  • Firstly flip the bed. If you want you can rotate it also.
  • Now take a box of baking soda. Mix it after adding 10 to 20 drops of any essential oil. Mix it and break clumps in it.
  • Sprinkle them all over the bed and rub it. Now keep it like that for an hour.
  • After an hour, vacuum the mattress. Make sure you removed the baking soda nicely.

Yeah, that’s it! Now you got a fresh clean mattress.

Wash Duvet and Blankets:

Clean after three to four months.

Yearly Cleaning Schedule ( Every Year ):


Once in a year clean all your carpets.

Clean wall stains:

Look for wall stains if you find one clean them. It will save your money – of repainting walls.

Deep clean windows:

Your window looks clean until you take a closer look. Once in a year deep clean your windows.

Clean fireplace and chimney:

Most people don’t even think including these in their yearly home cleaning schedule until someone tells them to do it.

But we want our readers to have a really beautiful home. So if you are reading this and also want to make your home a little bit more clean and beautiful then add this task if you have a fireplace.

Clean your basement:

Most people don’t have it. But if you have it it’s grate. Just don’t forget to clean it completely once in a year.

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