5 Simple ways To Live Your Life With Style

Normally when we meet a new person for the first time, we try to create a character of the person in our head. The very first thing we look for is that persons overall appearances.

As the time goes we collect various information and it adds to the character that we created. But we can’t ignore that the first impression has the highest influence when it comes to how we feel about the person.

The same thing happens when someone meets you for the first time. They try to know you better by looking at your appearances. They will ask you small questions to know you better

By presenting best version of yourself: you can develop a good relationship with them. It can help you many ways ( Ask yourself ).

In this post, you will know about the importance of your style and how to live your life with style.

Most of the people find it hard to be confident about their own style unless someone says “wow. It’s so cool”.

The best part?

We all have our own style. Some people just find it hard to notice about their own style.

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How To Live Your Life With Style

live your life with style

how to live your life with style?

Your style consists of many things like – your clothing style, body language, confidence and knowledge about your surroundings. All those factors complete your appearance to the other person.

How to Find Your Personal Style

If you notice you can see that, many times in a public place suddenly your eye gets stuck on a person. You began to notice the excellence of their body image.

If we break down we will find that- for the first time we see a person. We notice the whole structure of that person. After that, we focus on their face and on other parts.

Most of the impression about that person depends on that first glance.

To live your life with a better style you need to focus on your:

  1. Clothing
  2. Body Language
  3. Self Confidence
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Clothing Style

Before you start looking for clothes you need to identify your clothing style.

It means you have to choose clothes carefully depending on the place you are going, weather, quality of the clothing material and it’s comfortability.

Body Language

Your body language is also important for your style. Try to maintain proper body language. This post will give you some idea of maintaining a proper body language.

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Self Confidence

If you maintain first two things then automatically you will have more confidence in yourself.

Finding your comfortable dress

There are some dresses in your closet which are special to you. You feel happy and confident when you wear them.

Find out what makes them special? Why you find confidence while wearing them? And why it doesn’t happen with your other clothes.

Finding clothes that looks better on you

Sometimes your friends and family member compliment you, about a dress. This happens only when you wear some unique type of cloths.

Find that dress and put it on the bed and notice its color combination and shape.

After checking some sets of clothes you will find some similarities that make the cloth good for you.

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Well, to improve your clothing style just choose that cloth which:-

  • you find comfortable and makes you happy
  • And you got a nice compliment on it.

Also, add some more clothes like those in your wardrobe.

Now I want to hear from you. Which factor do you think makes someone’s style standout from others?

Leave a comment below.

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