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How To Pack Light For Traveling

how to pack light for traveling
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Traveling is fun and tension free when you have little or no luggage with you. But how to pack light for traveling?

My best unorthodox advice for traveling light is to not take a bag.-Rolf Potts, Travel Author

Yeah, it can be a good theory but it lacks practicality. No matter where you are traveling and for how long you are traveling- there are some basic things that you need to carry.

If you want to pack light then- Never buy a backpack/suitcase that is bigger than carry-on size. If your travel pack/suitcase is small, there is no possible way to overpack.

So how can you actually pack light for your trip efficiently and that meets your needs. Here is our list to pack light for traveling.

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How To Pack Light For Traveling

In order to pack light for your trip, you need to get rid of things that you don’t need on your trip.

Make full use of available space to carry less number of bags with you.

Follow this tips and tricks to pack light for travel.

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How to pack light for traveling?

1. Limit the number of bags and choose the right size

One or two bags are fine if you are traveling for a week. But if you are alone and its less than a week then carry one bag. Also, make sure you are choosing the right size. Because if you choose bigger size then definitely you are going to pack more stuff that you don’t need.

2. To pack light for your trip- Choose your clothing and other items wisely

Depending on travel season and place decide what do you need most. If you carry only basic items then you don’t have to worry about how to pack light for traveling.

Ideal travel clothing is durable, light, it takes little space and it’s comfortable.

3. Use every corner of your backpack/suitcase

If you want less luggage then you need to know how to compress all your things at one place. Always make sure there is less air, means no empty space. Example:- use the little free space in your shoes, fill it with some small items.

Watch this video to get some idea about how to pack light for your trip

4. To know exactly what you need, make a list

You can forget something important or you may feel something useful. So make a list. You can cut some item or you can add if needed.

5. Also, don’t forget to pack in advance

If you pack at the last moment then you will not pack your luggage efficiently. Unorganised packing will take more space and you will bring more bags on your trip. It always better to pack in advance.

6. Don’t take different type of shoes instead take a shoe that you can wear at different places

Shoes are heavy and it also covers a large portion of your bag. Pro travelers choose items that they can use at multiple times.

7. Use packing cubes to keep your luggage organized

Packing cube helps you to organize your items inside your main luggage. It will save your time if you need to take out something instantly. Use a transparent packing cube so that you can see things right after opening.

8. Don’t carry full packs of toiletries. Instead, use travel-sized bottles

You love to use your favorite toiletries in your trip. But when you are traveling take needed amount only. If you want to pack light then don’t take the full packet.

9. After packing takeout some stuff that you know will be left untouched throughout the trip

packing light traveling

9 Steps to Carry Less bag

I do it a lot of time. Most of the time I carry my backpack. I pick some basic things first that I use most of the time and one or two different items for that specific trip.

First, figure out what you used most of the time on your last trip and what you didn’t use? Then simply take out those items and this is how you pack light for traveling.

What’s your suggestion to pack light for traveling?

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