Be YouNick’s Interview Will Encourage You More Than Any Motivational Video

life story of Nikunj Lotia, Founder of Be YouNick
There are tons of motivational and self-improvement content on the web. But what makes it different from those is it’s real and relatable. Nikunj Lotia, the founder of Be YouNick shared his inspiring story about his life, struggles and how he turned his passion into his career.

Before you watch the interview here are some information… to know Nikunj Lotia and it will also help you relate to his story.

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Who is Nikunj Lotia?

Nikunj Lotia is a famous Indian Youtuber and founder of the YouTube channel Be YouNick (Currently it has over 2.3 million subs and his videos are seen 302,844,515 times till now.)

He is based in Mumbai, India… and mostly makes fun, comedy videos (which are awesome and relatable as well.)

Best experts from the interview

Passion...Struggle, it’s there and everyone does it what distinguishes between a person who has made it and who has not...Is SACRIFICE. Learn to sacrifice a lot of things for a better tomorrow. Click To Tweet

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Be youNick interview review Let’s watch the interview…

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*This interview was published first on the BeerBiceps YouTube channel.

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