25 Best New Year Resolution Ideas and Plans for 2019

Finally 2019 is here. If you re looking for some practical new year resolution ideas and a plan to make your 2019 awesome… then continue reading this post.

Because this list focuses on things which you can accomplish easily (if you try) and also those… which will bring happiness and can make huge positive changes in 2019.

While planning a new year resolution or making a new year plan for 2019 … setting the right goal is most important.

Set your goals high enough that matches your potential. But also you need to make sure that it’s achievable.

25 Powerful New Year Resolution Ideas

25 New Year resolution ideas and plans for 2019

1. Be more active

In 2019 your first goal should be to stay healthy and active.

Today many of us live a sedentary lifestyle (or close to it), therefore we need to make sure we are doing enough physical activities to keep our-self fit and healthy.

Activities like running, walking, cycling, hiking etc. can help you to be more active, physically, in this new year. (These activities also relax your mind and help’s you to be more creative.)

In your 2019 planner make it a priority to exercise or workout 4-5 days in a week.

* 20-35 minutes of morning workout session can be a better option if you are:

  • A person with a day job from 9 am or 10 am.
  • Student.
  • Generally, have a busy day and hard to manage time in the evening.
  • At evening you become exhausted from work.

Also, this year start riding a bike if you already know how to ride or learn it. Because one hour of cycling can burn up to 500 calories.

The best part about cycling is – it doesn’t require any extra time. You can easily replace some of your transportation with cycling in 2019.

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2. Know your power and invest in yourself

Naturally, we all become experts in some fields.

In 2019 we need to find and do more, what we do best.

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And when you discover your powers… you have to make it stronger by investing in yourself.

It will open up big opportunities for you and can bring huge career achievements.

Or, if you use it for charitable work, it will bring happiness and positivity into your life.

3. Live for yourself

You need to enjoy your life the way you want. And you need to care less about other peoples opinion and influences from your life. It’s your life, not their.

Because, in life, many things happen what we didn’t expect or plan.

So, the best thing is to live our lives in our own way.

In 2019 you should love yourself more. And care less about what other people think.

4. Spend more time in nature

Spend 30 minutes outdoor in nature every day. It’s healthy in many ways.

Here are some of its benefits…main article benefits of spending time in nature.

  1. Spending time in nature reduces stress and anxiety.
  2. Being in nature boosts creativity.
  3. It will reset your internal clock.
  4. Spending time in nature improves memory and cognitive function.

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5. Learn, learn and learn

It’s never late to learn a new thing.

Learning a new thing is fun (sometimes, also challenging.)

And when you finally complete the process a new skill adds up… and you develop better self-confidence.

6. Be a morning person

There are many benefits and reasons to be a morning person.

Many people manage to wake up early morning, it’s their daily habit.

Like, they wake up in between 4.50 am to 5.20am. REGULARLY.

But why they wake up so early?

Because of these benefits:

  1. It’s good for your body and helps you to start a healthy lifestyle.
  2. You can get more things done in the morning.
  3. You can complete one or two things before most people start their day.
  4. You get a couple of extra hours to work for your dreams.

And there are many more benefits of waking up early in the morning.

But not all of us can wake up that early… because of different work schedule and countless tasks; that’s fine. But try to wake up before 6.30 am. Still, you can get the benefits and advantages.

7. Check in with yourself

Most of the time we start something by thinking one thing. But as we go the purpose gradually fades away.

That’s why time to time we need to sit down and figure out our vision or long-term goals.

This way we can concentrate on things what matters. After 15 days or 20 days sit down and check if you are going in the right direction.

8. Remember what you want in your life

What you want in your life and your goals are important.

Be clear about things you want to improve or succeed in 2019.

9. Hobby’s and passion

Getting stressed out time to time from work and life?

Spending some time doing things you are passionate about can be the saviour.

Picking a hobby and passion is a great stress reliever and you can explore yourself and understand your likes and dislikes better and be happy from inside.

10. Eat healthy food

If you are worried about gaining fat or you are not getting the desired result even after exercising then you should check your diet.

In 2019 you should focus on developing healthy eating habits.

11. Start reading books smartly

Another good new year resolution to make is to start reading more books in 2019.

But everyone is not a good reader and sometimes you can’t manage time to read a  whole book.

Bill Gates reads 50 books in a year that means… 4 books on average, every month.

Books are great to learn about things and ideas.

Today you can actually read books without reading the book. And to get the most of its core ideas you don’t even have to consume its whole content.

You can listen to audio books while commuting, cooking or gardening…

You can also watch youtube videos on book reviews …where you will get the core ideas within 10 to 15 minutes.

Also, there are apps where you can read the most important parts of the book. (you can do a quick google search to find out)

12. Select an ideal person

You need to find someone whose ideas matches with you or their work inspires you.

Learn about them and how they did it. You don’t have to follow exactly what they did… but most of the things you will find similar and it can get you to your goals faster.

13. Turn your hobby into a career

Today Internet opened up many ways to turn your hobby into a profitable career.

You can find many people making six, seven figures by making youtube videos, promoting brands in their IG, teaching and selling online courses, dropshipping…

If you are passionate about something and you can see there is a demand for it… then you can turn it into a career or an extra source of income.

Manage one hour every day to work for things you are passionate about.

14. Be organized

If in 2018 you struggled to increase productivity and to do things faster… then in 2019, you should be more organized.

Organizing your day and space around you will make it easy for you to switch between things and getting things done faster.

15. Contribute to charity

It doesn’t matter how much you are giving… all that matter is your participation.

Wealth is not equally distributed and sometimes people who need it the most… are the one who lacks it the most.

But if you are capable of helping someone when they need… help them.

When you involve yourself with such amazing work you will find more joy and purpose in your life.

16. Spend time with family

Spend more of 2019 with people who care about you.

You can get oceans of happiness when you spend quality time with your family and realize about their sacrifices and things they have done for you.

17. Sleep and reduce stress

Interfering with natural sleep patterns can rise various health issues such as – obesity, poor immune function, lack of concentration and many more…

6 to 8 hours of good night sleep is crucially important for your body.

This year allocate your time properly so that you can get at least 7 hours of good sleep time.

18. Spend only in cash for a week

Going cashless is great. But if we are not aware of how much we are spending… in long run, it can hurt us financially.

Every month spend only in cash for a week. Make it a habit.

Because when you pay in cash for the things you buy… you will notice exactly how much money you are spending.

It will help you save money from buying things you don’t need and in making good monetary decisions.

19. Give yourself some ‘me’ time

No matter how much we try to avoid negativity in our life, time to time it affects us badly. And too disinfect its effect and to embrace our life with positivity, daily or weekly we need to give our-self some ‘me’ time.

You can schedule some me time whenever you feel you need to refresh your mind and just charge yourself.

Taking time for yourself refreshes your mood and also helps you to develop a better bond with your partner, parent, colleague or employee.

20. Organise your gadgets home screen

Today we spend a lot of time with our phones, laptop, pc…

Like your house or room, you need to organize your gadgets home screen for more productivity.

Especially to save time.

Keep only important apps or icons at the front.

And place unimportant stuff and social media later.

Because, when you do that every time you turn it on you will see those things which are important to you.

And you will be less tempted to check your Insta or FB stories.

It can save a lot of time.


21. Exploring yourself to new things

You develop courage, every time you choose a new experience over fear.

Sometimes its ok to feel vulnerable and open yourself for new things.

It can help you find some new talents hidden inside you.

22. Take control of your life

When we hold our-self accountable for things we do and things happening around us… we get full control of our-self.

When you take control of your life; you will be happier and you can live a life as you want.

In 2019 make a new year resolution that you are going to take control of your life as much as you can.

23. Enjoy the process

Many times we think getting something in our life or achieving something will give us the ultimate happiness. Yes, certainly dreaming something and achieving it gives us pleasure and happiness… but it does not give us that much what we have thought.

And there are times when it fails… and you start hating your life.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You need to enjoy the process. You need to enjoy your journey of reaching towards your goal. Because it’s the best way to make your dreams come true and be happy.

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24. Be someone’s mentor

Teaching someone actually makes you stronger in that subject.

But you don’t need to be a teacher.

Be someones mentor instead.

If someone needs your help or you can help someone, to learn something you already know, spend a couple of minutes to answer their questions or clearing their doubts.

25. Maintaining good social interactions with peoples

Today world needs more and more…nice peoples.

It’s easy to be a hater and it’s worthless to point out other peoples insecurities and make them feel embarrassed.

Some people say words without thinking how much it can hurt the person in front of them.

Before we talk we need to think about its consequences.

In general, we need to be nice towards others in 2019.

Important Note:

Making a new year resolution is great. But what’s awesome is to make a resolution that you can follow a whole year and not for some months.

A lot of things you can do in one year to improve your life and be happier. But the thing is you can’t change everything at once. So, for 2019 write a resolution that you can achieve and overdeliver than what you have planned.

What will be your top 5 resolutions this year? comment below.

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