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Now read exclusive content on lifestyle and wellness without distractions. Introducing – MateyLifestyle.com – The all in one lifestyle blog.

This blog is appropriate for everyone who wants to get motivated or want to improve themselves in the field of lifestyle and fitness.

The name Matey Lifestyle stands for ‘social-able/friendly means of living or Lifestyle’.

The reason behind picking this name was – it’s catchy, most people call their friend as ‘mate’ so it’s easy to remember, have a meaningful message and most importantly it fits in the goals or ideas of creating this blog.


The theme of the blog or the blog atmosphere is solely based on lifestyle and wellness.

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Here you’ll get best-handpicked stories and tips, ( only related to lifestyle and fitness ).

  • In September 2017  MateyLifestyle published its first blog post.

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You can expect new post two times in a week (generally on Monday & Friday) Sometimes we also post when we feel something important to share.

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