What Matey Lifestyle Is All About

MateyLifestyle.com is an all in one lifestyle blog. It aims to provide you the best possible lifestyle tips and other related lifestyle resources to help you in creating a better lifestyle that you want to live.lifestyle and fitness blog

The goals of this blog are :

  • To make available all needed lifestyle tips at one place.
  • Resources to guide people towards “The Journey Towards A Better Life.”
  • Creating the right piece of information for the people who need it.
  •  And creating a community of people with the same mindset. People who want to improve their lifestyle or want to live a happy life.

What topics are discussed on this blog :

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Travel
  4. Home and Garden
  5. Style and Grooming  #men #women
  6. Selected News and Entertainment Stories related to Fashion and Lifestyle.

 When To Expect New Posts :

Regular post on every Tuesday and some bonus post are published one or two times in a week. Make sure you signup for our email newsletter so that you never miss any important post.

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Hi, myself Mamoon Moulavi, I’m from India. Thanks for showing interest to know about this blog.I started blogging as a hobby. But it turned out more than a hobby. I am a fan of fitness and I love exploring fashion trends.

Idea Behind The Blog:  I noticed there is a  group of people who only like to know about those things which are practical. And they can apply it in their lives.

I explored many groups & forums of fashion and lifestyle niche. I observed a lot of people like to have all the information in one place. Because it’s convenient and time-saving for them.  I visited some of their favorite sites. A few of them was good but many of them have a bad user experience.founder-of-matey-lifestyle-the-all-in-one-lifestyle-blog

So, finally, I decided to create a lifestyle blog by keeping in mind about good user experience and more practical that readers can apply it to their lives. In September 2017 I lunched matey lifestyle: The all in one lifestyle blog after some months of planning.

Here you will find practical tips about lifestyle. By implementing these tips you can easily live a better lifestyle that you want to live. Join our mailing list because some of our special tips which we only talk in our emails only.

Hope you have a great time reading this site.

Have a good day.

| Mamoon |