12 Health Benefits of Hiking that you need to know

benefits of hiking

Breathing fresh air is good for your health. You heard that before, right? Well, it makes sense. Spending time in nature have some great health benefits. One of the best ways to spend time in nature is by hiking. There are many health benefits of hiking which I’ll share with you in this article.

Before you know about all the benefits of hiking let me say some cool facts and information about hiking in short.

It’s found that hiking in a natural environment is more beneficial than a random walk in the city. Hiking always doesn’t mean you have to wait for the weekend. 20 minutes of hiking in the nearby park also can give you these health benefits.

12 Health Benefits of Hiking

1. Hiking helps you to lose weight: Many people find it hard to lose weight. The fact is one doesn’t gain all those fat in a month. When someone doesn’t engage themselves in enough physical activities those fats get accumulates over time. And one day the scream – I’m Fat.

But the story can be different if they start hiking. If someone is already fat then by doing hiking they can lose weight. But if someone wants to burn – more fat and want to be slim then along with hiking they have to do some exercise also. Don’t want to be fatty in future? Then start hiking.

2. Increases your strength: Your strength becomes low when you are not doing physical activities on a daily basis. When you have lower strength, you find it hard to complete your work on time and can’t enjoy your life fully.

Having a high stamina gives you the power to do things that you love. And you start to take advantages of all the other opportunities in your life.

3. Good for your brain: Seeing all the beautiful landscapes during your hike and passing through them gives your brain relief. It helps you to stay away from extra tensions and things which have less importance to you.

4. Helps you to connect with nature: We can learn a lot of things from nature. Time to time scientists proved many benefits of spending time in nature. We, humans, collect many valuable resources from nature. Hiking is a great way to connect with nature.

5. It tones the whole body: When you go for hiking you pass through different types of landscapes. Plain surface, moderately stiff, stiff and sometimes you have to climb some small rock surface or a fallen tree trunk. While you are passing through all those things, various muscle groups from your body get engaged and it helps you to tone your body.


6. Helps to prevent and control diabetes: Hiking can also help you to prevent and control diabetes. generally, hiking involves some physical activities and uses our stored energy and glucose from our body, which is helpful for preventing diabetes.

7. Makes you happier: Hiking helps to live an active lifestyle. By engaging yourself in outdoor activities like hiking, you are meeting new people, observing the nature and doing physical movements. Which is helpful for avoiding depression and makes you happier in life.

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8. You start becoming creative: One scientific study found in their study that spending time outdoors and working from an open space can boost one’s creativity level-up to 50 percent. By avoiding few hours in front of the screen, you can actually become more creative.

9. Hiking lowers blood pressure and sugar level: Walking along helps you with good blood flowing in your body. Hiking on a daily basis can help you to lower your blood pressure and sugar level.

10. Helpful to prevent heart disease: Like every other physical exercise, hiking has cardiovascular benefits too. Which may help to prevent heart diseases.

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11. Good for your bones and joints: Hiking involves walking and jogging. Time to time the landscape also changes. Sometimes its plain and sometimes its stiff too. Thus it increases beneficial stress on your bones and improves your bone health.

12. It’s a good social activity and adventurous: Hiking is a very adventurous outdoor activity. There are many chances that you will find some cool people along the way. It’s good for your social life and you can find a friend too.

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