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Balanced Diet Needs To Be Your Goal; Not a wish – 5 Reasons

Abalanced diet gives your body all the needed nutrients and acts as – the key to a healthy lifestyle. Many times we don’t focus on what we are eating. Taking unnecessary food can dramatically spoil your healthy lifestyle.

how eating green helpsMost people think to stay fit and healthy all they need is a good workout routine.

But it’s not true.

Your food is important too.

Well, exercise is a must to stay in shape. You should try to do it (minimum) three to four times in a week.

But exercise is not everything that keeps someone healthy.

Your food is another crucial factor to focus on if you want to stay in shape…

The thing is – one can’t ignore the importance of their food and diet in keeping them fit.

What you eat is very important for your health and body fitness.

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To stay fit and healthy you have to eat healthy foods in the right quantities.

Let’s get started

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balanced diet

Why You Need To Care About Maintaining a Balanced Diet

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is a diet which consists of several types of food materials like cereals, fruits, vegetables and animal products to fulfil our body’s need for growth and overall health. Simply, the diet must have all the essential nutrients in proper quantities to enable proper functioning of a human body.

1. A balanced diet reduces the risk of diseases

Eating the right food in the right quantities will enable normal functioning of the body. Also, you will feel more energy in your body and have smooth skin. Because a balanced diet contains essential antioxidants and nutrients, which helps to protect your cells from damage. It also improves your immunity system and helps to avoid many diseases.

2. A good diet lowers the risque of obesity

When one consumes more calories and burn only a few calories, then their body fat percentage increases and they become fat.

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3. Easy to digest food

A healthy balanced diet helps you to digest your food easily. By doing so you will get a faster supply of energy in your body and you will feel fresh and energetic.

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4. Better skin and hair

Eating right food in right quantities gives your body many macros and vitamins which helps in better health of your skin and hair.

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5. Improves your mental health

Maintaining a balanced diet is actually good for your brain too. You can keep it cool and healthy by following a good eating habit. A good diet helps your body to get all the essential fatty acids. Among those omega 3 fatty acids is vital. It helps your brain in proper functioning, better memory and increases your ability to learn more.

5 Foods that contain a high amount of omega-3:

  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Walnuts
  • Flax-seeds
  • Canola oil

Also, your diet can help you to have a better sleep at night.

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Easy ways to add a balanced diet in your daily lifestyle

  • Increase the liquid intake into your body – Availability of sufficient fluid into your body is very important. Drink 3.5 to 4.5 litres of water daily. You can reduce some water consumption by consuming fruit juice.
  • Eat fresh-meal and include vegetables and fruits every day – Green vegetables and fresh fruits are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. They are also a good source of fibre. Avoid eating deep fried and overcooked vegetables.

One important thing to consider – Make time to chew your food. Avoid eating processed foods because they tend to have low nutritional benefits.

  • Calculate calorie intake and choose your healthy food items, accordingly –  You don’t need to calculate calories every time you eat. But after one month or two check your calorie intake. ( You can choose any time period you are comfortable with ). Calculate how much calories you burn on an average day and then you can easily plan your meal accordingly.
  • Avoid eating meals while watching TV or your phone – When you eat while watching a TV show or a video on your mobile, there are more chances that you will overeat.

Impact Of Balanced Diet On Your Lifestyle

balanced diet impact on lifestyle

To live a happy and healthy lifestyle you have to eat healthy food and need to do things that you love to do.

It means first you need a healthy body and mind to enjoy anything in your life. Your diet and physical work are the keys to achieve physical fitness. Having the right nutrition in your diet also enables the normal functioning of the mind.

Exploring new places and travelling also improves mental health.

Having a great social life makes everyone happy. We all love attention and when someone shows interest in our life.

Quality of your social life doesn’t mean your popularity or likes on social networking sites. Instead, the state of your social life in your actual life effects most when it comes to mental health.

Right food helps your body by providing essential nutrients and energy to stay fit and productive. It completely worth your effort because – good health brings happiness into your life. Thus the importance of a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle is immense.

At last a balanced diet can improve your lifestyle both directly and indirectly. So you need to focus on eating delicious & healthy foods- every day.

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