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20 Minutes Full body Morning Workout Routine ( No Equipment Needed )

Healthy eating and exercise is the key to have a fit body. Most people struggle to exercise. They have many excuses. But there’s an easy way. Start your day with a morning exercise to have a tension free day.

benefits of morning exercise before breakfast

Most people try to avoid morning workouts. Sleep is more important for them. They think that they will exercise in the evening. But at the end of the day, they forget it or gets busy in another thing. Their casualness starts to ruin their fitness. If they avoid exercising for a long time their body fat percentage increases and they become FAT.

When it comes to fitness you have to maintain the discipline. Doing heavy workout for one week and not doing anything throughout the month can’t make someone fit. They have to do it regularly. Preferably 3 to 4 times in a week. Don’t worry, 20 minutes is enough to stay fit and strong.

In this post, you will know about a 20 minutes full body morning workout routine. (without any equipment).

Goals of this morning workout: 

  • To increase your body flexibility
  • Burn unused calories
  • Weight loss
  • Complete body workout
  • Easy exercises to make it beginner friendly

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20 Minutes Full body Morning Workout Routine

Exercise Included In This Morning Workout Routine

Bodyweight Squat10-123
Plank Jacks10-123
Jumping Jacks10-123
Supermans for abs6-103
Toe Touch Crunches Or Situps15-203

Morning Workout Video

You don’t need any tough exercise to stay fit. First, build your stamina and strength. Give your body enough time to adapt your morning routine.

If you try to do high-intensity workout in the morning after someday you will skip the workout.

The main objective to sweat for 20 minutes three to four days in a week.

This will help you to burn unused calories, extra fat and you will also gain strength and stamina.

Normally it takes two to three weeks to experience the improvement if you follow the rules.

Exercise is important but you have to give focus to your food also, try to maintain a balanced diet.

Tips to know before you start your morning workout:

morning workout routine

Follow a simple morning workout routine

How to get ready for your morning workout

  • Sleep early. Six to seven hours of sleep is a must.
  • Before sleeping choose your workout gears. ( it will save your time )
  • In morning everyone feels a little bit sleepy so I suggest you to have your coffee or green tea.
  • Many professional athletes and celebrities like to have a green tea before their morning workout. It’s a good way to start a workout.

This article explains in details- Best way to prepare for a morning workout

Useful notes for the morning workout routine

For beginners 10 reps and for regular/pro 15 to 20 reps of each exercise.

Do it one after another. Take 30 to 50 seconds break, if needed. Completing every exercise is calculated as one set. You have to do three sets.

 Exercises Included in the workout

  1.  Simple Bodyweight Squat ( with an alternating leg kick. If you are just starting out and cant do kick then just do simple squats )
  2. Plank Jacks.
  3. Run 200 – 500 meters according to your stamina. If you don’t have a place to run then do a spot jogging ( it’s acting like running in the same place. ) or walk for five minutes.
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Lunges
  6. Supermans for abs
  7. Toe Touch Crunches Or Situps

Remember for beginner 10 reps and for advance 15 to 20 reps.

These exercises are focused on fat burning and toning your mussels and a little bit stretching.

For better result do this exercise three times in a week. And for stretching check out the video below. Do it one time. So Total four days workout to get a fit body.

Stretching And Metabolism Booster Workout Video To Activate Every Single Muscle In The Body ( Do It Once In A Week )

Believe me, just do these exercises ( 3+1 ) four times in a week. And then it’s just a waiting of some weeks to see the improvements of your body.

To get fit exercise is important but it’s also important to eat clean and fresh.

A good workout and crappy diet will not get you anywhere. Click To Tweet

Last and final workout routine video  for advanced training to lose fat and build stamina


According to your stamina choose your reps. Anything between 10 to 20 can give you a surprising result.

Let me know in the comment:

Whats the number one thing you want to achieve from this morning workout routine. Leve a comment below.

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