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Full Body Workout Routine Using Bodyweight: For Morning & Evening

morning workout routine

Looking for a Full Body workout Routine?
Here you go

Everyone who wants to kickstart their day should include a morning workout session in their morning routine.

In this post, I have outlined a full-body workout routine that you can do anywhere.

This 15-20 minutes workout will make you active and improve your flexibility.

Want to make exercising in the morning a daily habit? Check this post to avoid these 7 common mistakes to avoid while building a new habit.

Directions for the workout

Hear’s how you can adjust this workout according to your goal and need.

Everyone doesn’t go to the gym. Doing this workout 5-6 times in the morning will make you fit. And you don’t need to join the gym.

This workout will also serve for those who go to the gym but want a workout routine for days when they can’t go to the gym.

If you don’t go to the gym

You need to do 3 sets of all the exercises in the below list.

For better result complete one exercise then move to next. After completing all the exercise take a short rest and replete two times more.

You can do 3 sets of each exercise with 20 seconds gap between sets and then move to the next exercise.

  • In this post, I have also included some videos that will help you to perform those exercises with proper form.

If you go to the gym

This is a bodyweight workout routine but if you want you can use dumbbells in some of the exercises.

You can do one set of all the exercises in this list if you want to complete your morning workout routine within 10 minutes.

Or do 2-3 set according to your mood of the day.

As you are already working out… in the end section, of this article you will find some advanced bodyweight exercises. You can also include those into your workout routine.

Let’s get started.

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Bodyweight workout routine suitable for morning & evening

benefits of morning exercise before breakfast
Benefits of morning exercise before breakfast

Here is the list of exercises you need to do in your morning workout.

These exercises focus on engaging your whole body…also, you can add one or two additional exercises if you like.

But the important part is – you have to exercise 5-6 days a week.

Exercise to do

Body-weight Squat10-123
Plank Jacks10-122-3
Jumping Jacks10-123
Supermans for abs6-102
Toe Touch Crunches Or Sit-ups15-202-3

Is morning workout for you?

Morning is the best time to exercise if you are someone who

  • Normally have a busy day
  • Get less time in the evening
  • Wants to hang out with family and friends after work
  • Maintaining weight is the main goal

Morning Workout Routine Video

More workout videos below – click to go

Exercises Included in the workout

  1.  Simple Body-weight Squat ( with an alternating leg kick. If you are just starting out and can’t do kick then just do simple squats )
  2. Plank Jacks.
  3. Run 200 – 500 meters according to your stamina. If you don’t have a place to run then do a spot jogging ( it’s acting like running in the same place. ) or walk for five minutes.
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Lunges
  6. Supermans for abs
  7. Toe Touch Crunches Or Sit-ups

Things to keep in mind

You don’t need any tough exercise to stay fit. First, build your stamina and strength. Give your body enough time – to adapt your morning routine.

If you try to do high-intensity workout in the morning after someday you will skip the workout.

# The main objective to sweat for 20 minutes four to six days in a week.

# This will help you to burn unused calories, extra fat and you will also gain strength and stamina.

# Normally it takes two to three weeks to experience the improvement if you follow the rules.

Exercise is important but you have to give focus to your food also, try to maintain a balanced diet.

Tips for having a better morning workout

morning workout routine
Follow a simple morning workout routine
  1. Sleep early. Six to seven hours of sleep is a must.
  2. Before sleeping choose your workout gears. ( it will save your time )
  3. In the morning everyone feels a little bit sleepy so you can have your coffee or green tea.
  4. Warm-up before your workout

This article explains in details- Best way to prepare for a morning workout

These exercises are focused on fat burning and toning your mussels and a little bit stretching.

For better result follow this full-body morning workout routine for 4-5 times a week. And for stretching check out the video below. Do it one time.

Stretching And Metabolism Booster Workout Video

To Activate Every Single Muscle In The Body ( Do It Once In A Week )

To get fit – exercise is important but it’s also important to eat clean and fresh.

A good workout and crappy diet will not get you anywhere. Click To Tweet

Last workout video for advanced training to lose fat and build stamina


According to your stamina choose your reps. Anything between 10 to 20 can give you a surprising result.

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