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Benefits Of Doing Pushups In The Morning (With FAQ)

Push up exercise

Do you want to do pushups in the morning but not sure if it’s safe or how to get started?

Well, you can do pushups in the morning.

In this article, you will know about the benefits of doing pushups in the morning, how to get started and Q&A.

Also, the best time for doing pushups in the morning. Before or after breakfast…

Doing pushups in the morning is a great way to improve your body strength. Especially upper body strength.

The best thing about push-ups is it’s a body-weight exercise and can be done anywhere. Also, push-ups in the morning good for boosting metabolism.

When you do push up it engages many muscles in your body. Till date, push up is one of the most popular compound exercises you can do.

5 Good Reasons to do push-ups in the morning

push up exercise
  • Push up helps you to build upper body muscles: Benefits of doing compound exercises like push-ups is – it works many muscles at once. When someone does push up it helps them to engage their chest, arms, and shoulders muscles. These are also primary muscle groups in the upper body. After doing 20-35 daily push-ups for 30 days you can see improvement in your biceps, triceps and chest muscle size.
  • It’s a full-body workout: Push up is good for building upper body strength. But ultimately push up is a full-body workout. To do a push-up, your abs and lower body act as supporting muscle groups.
  • You can get a strong core by doing pushup: Pushup might not be the best exercise to build abs. But it’s a good exercise to build a strong core. Doing push-ups can help you to strengthen your waist, side of the waist or abdominal section.
  • Push up helps you to build overall body strength: As its a full-body workout, if you do push-ups daily then your overall body strength will improve. Have you ever wondered why military personnel do push-ups in their training drills?
  • Good for burning calories and boosting metabolism: Doing pushups in the morning can help you to boost your metabolism rate and burn unused calories.

How many push up to do in the morning

It depends on your stamina and body strength. If you already do push-ups regularly or a couple of times in a month then you can do more push up than someone who just started to do push-ups.

If you already do push-ups, then you can do 25-35 push-ups in the first set, 15 push-ups in the second set and in the third set you can do 5-7 pushups or until failure.

For beginners, you can start by doing 7-10 push-ups in the first set, 4-6 push-ups in the second and third set. After 1-2 weeks your body strength will improve if you do push-ups daily. From the second week try to do 15 pushups instead of 10. Add 5 more push-ups as the week goes.

If a person does 3 sets of push-ups every day, then within 40 days they can do 30-40 pushups.

It may vary in some cases but for most people, if they don’t skip their daily pushups they will reach there.

Before you do pushups in the morning you can do this to improve your performance.

Stretch for 1-2 minutes. Go to push up position and lower your body, let your chest rest on the floor for 10 seconds then go up and repeat it 3-4 times.

This will activate/warm-up all those muscles you need to do push-ups. Do this before you do pushups, you will do more pushups than your normal days.

Should you do Pushups before breakfast or after breakfast?

Push up exercise

Pushups before breakfast

Many people ask if they can do push-ups first thing in the morning.

Here I’ll answer if you can do push up before breakfast?

You can do push up before you eat your breakfast. For students and busy people, it’s better to complete their workout before breakfast. Because later in the day it can become difficult for them to manage time for exercise.

Also, when you get tired from work you might want to skip doing push-ups so in that case, you can do pushups before breakfast.

Pushups after breakfast

Some people wake up late in the morning. So there’s no option to do push up before breakfast. In this case, they can do push up after they eat their breakfast. But they need to wait for some time after eating.

After eating a normal breakfast you can do push-ups after 40 minutes to an hour.

If you don’t want to do push up in an empty stomach then you can eat some light food items 10-15 minutes before you do push-ups. You can have tea, coffee, cookies, bananas etc.

Is there any major difference between doing pushups before breakfast and after breakfast?

There are no major differences between doing pushups before breakfast vs after breakfast. But in some cases doing push-ups before breakfast can be a better option. Here’s why:

One set of push-ups can be done within 2-3 minutes. If you do more sets of pushups (let’s say 3) it can be completed within 10 minutes.

Now, most people can complete 3 sets of pushups before breakfast. Or if they do it after drinking tea/ coffee, that’s also fine.

But one disadvantage of doing push-ups after breakfast is you have to wait for 40 minutes to one hour.

Now, in the morning for a lot of people, it might be difficult to wait 40 minutes every day to do push-ups. That’s why doing push-ups before breakfast is ideal.

What do you prefer? Push up before breakfast or after breakfast?

Let me know in the comment section.

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