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9 Amazing Benefits of Morning Exercise Before Breakfast + Routine

benefits of morning exercise before breakfast
One of the best ways to start your day is with a morning workout. And if you are a busy person or losing weight is your main goal… then you need to exercise before your breakfast. In this article, I included 9 important health benefits of exercising in the morning before breakfast.

By the way, your morning workout doesn’t have to be, long.

15 to 25 minutes of solid workout will give you amazing results. And you can see those changes in your body within a week or two.

Doing regular morning workout helps in fat loss, relief from stress, tones skin, makes you feel good and stronger, and many more.

Personally speaking, starting morning workout is easy than continuing it every day ( 6 days actually). What worked for me is -I have a short morning exercise routine. I keep it short. It ranges from 18 to 25 minutes.’

More on this later.

Here goes – 9 health benefits of morning exercise before breakfast

P.S. This post explains – morning exercise benefits in general (after breakfast.)

9 Benefits of Morning Exercise Before Breakfast

morning workout preparation

1. Morning exercise in empty stomach burns fat faster

In the morning our body doesn’t have much sugar, so when we perform an exercise in the morning it uses a portion of our stored body fat. Therefore it’s a fast and effective way to burn fat.

If your goal is to lose weight and feel good throughout the day then – morning workout is for you.

By doing some specific exercise in the morning like cardio or aerobic exercises you can experience a better and fast fat burning process.

Check this morning workout routine without any equipment.

2. Exercising in morning raises your metabolism + you get the advantage of the ‘after-burn’

During a morning workout, your body metabolism increases and it remains high for some period of time after the exercise. High metabolism rate helps your body to burn more calories than usual. That’s why experts recommend exercising in the morning if someone wants to lose their weight.

You can only have this process if you perform the workout in the morning or workout after fasting for five to seven hours.

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3. A fresh start of the day

benefits of morning exercise before breakfast

Benefits of morning exercise before breakfast

In the morning we wake up with less tension and stress. When you workout early in the morning generally you have a high focus on your activities and thus it becomes much more effective.

By stimulating your body completely, you get relaxed and your mood remains cool for the whole day.

Also completing a morning workout gives you a feeling of accomplishment and its good for your mental health.

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4. A morning exercise before breakfast will keep you Active All day Long

One of the main benefits of morning exercise is you’ll be more active all day long.

A good morning exercise burns your unused calories and helps your body to perform its normal activities. It enables good blood flow and this will help you to stay active for more hours.

If you are trying to increase your productivity then exercising in the morning is a must for you.

Is it ok to do push-ups before breakfast
First of all push up is a great exercise because it utilizes your body weight plus activates many muscles of your body at once. Especially upper body muscles.

Yes, you can do push-ups before breakfast. But also consider this. In the morning all muscles are not activated properly. When you warm up or stretch they get activated. If you want to do push-ups in the morning warmup your body for two minutes and stretch a little bit. Now go to push-up position and do 3 to 6 pushups. ( you can touch your chest on the floor and wait for two seconds and complete the set) . It will activate all your muscles. Wait for 30 seconds to a minute and now do push-ups until failure.

Following this method, you will be able to do more pushups in the morning than before.
Today I’m updating this post ( 31. 07. 2018 ) and this morning I did same and completed 30 ( and half ) pushups by following the same method with proper form.

5. Protects You from Diabetic

Living a sedentary lifestyle or doing less physical work increases the chances of having diabetic. Exercising in the morning helps to manage your glucose level throughout the day.

Here’s what CAD recommends ‘150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous exercise.” source –

Also, anaerobic exercises should be included in the workout routine to keep your muscle mass even after 45.

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6. You will be Hungry for the breakfast after completing your morning workout

morning exercise before breakfast

A Morning Exercise will make you hungry for the breakfast

Most of the people eat a low amount of food for breakfast. Sometimes we ignore it and many time we supplement it with a protein bar.

A good breakfast is so much important to maintain good health and it supplies the energy that you need during a day.

By working out before breakfast you will be damn hungry to eat your breakfast and you will never miss it again.

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7. It will take less time to fall asleep & You’ll have better sleep at night

An early morning workout gives you a fresh start for the day. You will be ahead of the time. After completing your workout and a nice breakfast you will feel active and in a better mood. This will help you to finish your work faster. So at evening, you can chill with your family and at night you will enjoy a good sleep.

8. Good for your overall health

Waking up early in the morning and working out can be helpful for your overall health.

By doing morning exercise every day – you will develop better self-discipline. Also, working out every morning will improve your immunity system and make you stronger.

Although, you can do your morning workout indore. But you can get more benefits when you practice it outdoor. Read this article if you want to know about all the benefits of spending time outdoors

9. Exercise before breakfast can help you to Lower Your Blood Pressure

It’s a fact that most heart attack happens in the early hours of the morning.

Scientific study on a group of participants found that a simple 30 minutes of running in the morning reduced their blood pressure by 10 percent.

Best practices and Tips for Morning Exercise before breakfast

Before you start working out in the morning, consider these things:

  • Always try to have at least six hours of sleep. You can only wake up early and get enough time to exercise if you sleep early.
  • Prepare your breakfast before you go to your bed or make sure you can have it easily within 30 to 45 minutes after workout.
  • Start slow, don’t overdo things. Give your body enough time to adapt your morning routine.
  • Experiment with different exercises and time period and then choose what works best for you.

What are the exercises you can do in the morning

You can try many exercises in the morning. If you don’t do weight training then you can do running, jogging, stretching, body weight squats, jumping jacks, yoga and many more, see this post to get an idea about a morning workout routine.

Just try to complete your morning workout within 20 minutes.

Also on different days focus on different exercises.

Example – Monday you can warm-up and stretch for 5 minutes, do other bodyweight exercises for 5 to 7 minutes and run for 8 to 12 minutes. On the other day – warm up and stretching for 5 minutes, do bodyweight exercise for 10 minutes and run for 5 minutes.

Adjust it according to your goals.

Should I exercise before breakfast?

From my personal experience, it works well with my lifestyle. I do morning exercise 10 to 20 minutes after waking up in the morning. Generally, I try to complete it within 14 to 17 minutes.

Advice for beginners

If you want to get fit and feel positive then definitely you can exercise before breakfast.

Depending on your physical strength choose your workout time and exercises. If you have low strength then when you are starting your morning workout in the empty stomach – try to complete within 12 to16 minutes. And take rest in between if you need. Do this for some week and it will improve your physical strength then you can further extend your workout time. Body weight exercises and stretching is good to start with. Also, you can jog or run for 5 to 8 minutes.

Moderate to advance

For most of the people, 20 minutes of morning workout is enough. Someday it can be a little longer or shorter.

People who also workout in the evening

Do I have to exercise in the morning if I workout in the evening?

Yes, if you can. Doing a morning workout can be beneficial for everyone. I also workout in the evening but exercising in the morning helped me to gain flexibility and strength. When you wake up early it also leaves positive impacts on other things in your life.

What I noticed after starting my morning workout

  • I increased my productivity. I complete my workout around 6.30 am, then I sit down to cool the sweat ( I do a little bit of planning for the day in my head ), I take my shower. Then at 6.50 breakfast and checking news, emails etc. From 7 to 9.30 am – solid work and then i’ll have another meal.
  • I don’t waste time sleeping the whole day
  • Easy to maintain the rest of my day
  • Good sleep from 10.30 pm

My quick morning exercise routine

I start my morning workout with stretching. I do it for 1 to 3 minutes. ( keep it simple )

My exercises go like this…

  • First I start it with neck rotation, ( clockwise and anticlockwise), then I move my neck up and down, right and left a couple of times. It will help you to avoid sleepiness.
  • After that, I do shoulder rotation (  place your both palms on your shoulder facing downward and start rotating forward for 10 – 15 times then rotate backward and repeat one two times.
  • When you finished your shoulder rotation then move to arm rotation.
  • Now do side bends from your hip. Left and right 10 – 15 times, forward-backward 5 – 10 times.

Remember when you start loving your morning workout and do it daily you will be surprised to see all the good changes in your body.

Let’s move on to the next exercise.

  • Hip rotation for 25 seconds.
  • Now its time to focus on lower parts of your body.
  • Perform body weight lunge and squat 10 -15 times. Jump squat 4 – 7 times.
  • Last exercises of this short morning workout comprise of planks and pushups.

I love doing pushups because at a time it engages many muscle groups. If you are just starting and can’t do a normal pushup then in pushup position place your knees on the ground for some extra support.

Gradually you will see the improvement in your body stamina. Just make sure you try to do it daily and try some couple of times before you think of giving up.

Now you know the benefits of morning exercise before breakfast.

If you have any questions or tips regarding exercising in the morning – drop it in the comment.

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