29 Best Ways To Be Happy And Healthy In Life

How to live a happy and healthy lifestyle? Living a happy and healthy life is not complicated. It’s simple but sophisticated.

In this post, I have listed some of the best ways you can live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Let’s start.

What is a healthy lifestyle anyway?

A healthy lifestyle means when you have fewer health issues in your life. And have a good health condition that enables you to do all the activities and adventure you love without any compromise.

1. Pass more time outdoor and feel the nature

Enjoy your time out in nature with your family & friends. It’s very much refreshing. All those casual talks and some little pranks can change your mood easily. You will also get a break from the virtual and manmade world. It’s always a good practice to take some fresh air.

It’s a fact that most people spend their happy moments outdoors.

If you want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle then learn to spend your free time outdoors.

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2. Wake up early and breath the fresh morning air

There are many reasons to be a morning person.

waking up early motivates you to start healthy lifestyle practices like – yoga, meditation and morning workouts.

Also, waking up early gives you more hours to work and then you can chill in the evening.

If you are not a morning person… then gradually try to wake up 10 -20 minutes earlier daily… it will help you without pushing yourself too much.

3. Never miss your breakfast

Breakfast is important and if you want to have an energetic day then you should never miss it.

After waking up drink some water. After that, drink your coffee or tea. Then eat a nice breakfast. But remember, always eat breakfast within two hours from waking up.

4. Exercise daily to get a fit body

healthy lifestyle practices
Healthy Lifestyle: Exercise to get fit

Exercise is the key to have a healthy body. Nowadays due to the advancement of technology, we have to do less physical work. And for that reason, we store a lot of unused calories. To stay fit and healthy you need to do regular physical exercise.

Try to include morning jogging/yoga or a gym session in your daily routine.

Personally, I do yoga once in a week and gym 3 days a week.

Before you start panicking let me tell you something.

Workout doesn't mean you have to do it for 2 hours Click To Tweet

30 minutes of workout is enough to stay fit and healthy.

Regularity is more important. ( do it three to four times in a week )

Include some workout in your life. After two to three week you will feel the difference.


5.  Talk to other peoples in real life and be happy

Be social. This doesn’t mean talking to people only on social media.

Talk to people in real life, share a few moments with them. They can be any person from your neighbour or from your locality.

Once you start talking to other people you will discover many stories from their life.

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6. Drink more water and get healthier

Up to 60% of the human body mass is water. Water performs a major role in the process of transportation of nutrients in human cells.

Drinking enough water is important to stay fit. Water helps our body to maintain a constant temperature so that our body organs can function without any complications.

Always drink water throughout the day.

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7. Do something different on the weekend

happy lifestyle
Say YES to Fun things to have a happy lifestyle

The weekend is the time to refresh and prepare yourself for the next week. Doing fun stuff is important. But it doesn’t mean always you have to party or watch movies. Instead, plan a trip and start travelling.

Explore the place around you and find the best restaurant in that place and have a delicious dinner.

8. Call an old friend and ask about how things are going

Maybe those old memories with your friends don’t appear often nowadays.

Do you want to feel it once more? Well, it’s easy. Call one of your old friend you didn’t talk for a while and ask “how things are going?”.

9. Plan a small trip with friends and create some memories

Got some holidays? Ok, this time go for travelling and create some memories.

Travelling is fun and it gives you new memories to laugh at.

To live a happy lifestyle you need to travel. Explore beautiful places around the world and experience different cultures, food, and rituals.

You will discover the beauty of travelling and your mind will be relaxed and happy.

10. Create some morning rituals to live a happy healthy life

If you have no reason to wake up early in the morning then create your morning ritual. It will boost your productivity and make you feel good.

Waking up early will help you so much to increase your productivity and good health.

When you start your day with positive work, there are more chances that the rest of your day will also be good.

11. Love yourself more and start enjoying your life

happy and healthy lifestyle
Love yourself and enjoy your life

There are many ways to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. But the best way is to love yourself.

How to love yourself more?

Maybe buying a new dress or checking out the new ice cream you saw in a commercial. Although ice cream is not so good for health. But once in a week is good as long it makes you feel happy.

If you think you don’t have to do this, well take a piece of paper and write some points about “reasons I love myself ” You will be surprised.

12. Take out some of your childhood stuff and feel those happy moments

Got some free time? Close the tv and take out your childhood stuff. Touch them, see them you will feel good.

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13.  Forget the past if you want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle

You can not change the past. If you think about your past and your mistakes then it will kill your happiness.

To live a happy and healthy lifestyle it’s important that you live in this moment and think about your future.

14. Slow down and take a break from your life

Sometimes in our life, we get so busy and we forget that ‘we also need a break’.

Slow down for a while and think what you really want and then make plans and get it.

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15. Learn to say no if you don’t like it

It happens a lot, with everyone.

Many things we don’t like to do but we say ‘yes’ and it kills our happiness.

Learn to say no to the things you don’t like. it doesn’t matter who is on the other side. Ultimately it’s you who have to deal with that decision. So listen to your heart and follow your mind.

You will be happy again by not doing anything against your will.

16. Don’t compare yourself to others

Everyone is unique. Someone said… ‘

It will be disrespectful for myself  if I compare myself to others'. Click To Tweet

You are good as you are. Don’t panic if you do your things differently than others.

It’s always best to be yourself. Don’t change but try to improve yourself by seeing others.

17. Always learn and try  new things

Whenever we learn a new thing and keep doing it better than others; it makes us feel happy. Isn’t it?

Always try new things in your life. This way you will find yourself and it will make you happy.

I wanted to be a writer. A storyteller. I tried it and found it’s not working for me. Then I started blogging and fell in love with it.

I always kept trying new things in my life. In this way, I  found many things that I love and many things that I  don’t.

If you never try then you will never know what's best for you. Click To Tweet

18. Eat fresh + organic food

Natural things are the best.

Every day we are consuming food colours and chemicals. It always has a bad impact on our health.

Those processes are slow so we can’t see the results immediately. But if you want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle then you should take care of the quality of your food.

  • Always try to eat fresh food.
  • Avoid artificial food colours.
  • Eat more green vegetables and fruits
  • Don’t ignore healthy fat ( it helps in natural hormone production )
  • Avoid processed food.

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19. Do more what you love

You can live a healthy life if you take care of your body, follow your diet and exercise. But if you want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle then you should do a little more than that.

You need to do those things more often, what you love to do.

20. Give yourself a gift

Sometimes you don’t need to find any reason to give yourself a gift. Just give yourself a gift to feel happy.

21. Appreciate all the little things you have in life

There are a lot of things in this world to have. But you don’t need all of them to be happy. Be thankful for what you have got.

Many people dream about those things you got in your life. Appreciate all the little things you have in your life. It will bring back your inner peace and you will enjoy a happy life.

22. Surprise your parents by doing something good for them

It’s time to give your parents a surprise. If you stay away from them.

Plan a surprise home trip and surprise them. You can also give them a surprise treat or buy a gift for your parents.

23. Worry less about mistakes and try once more

Mistakes are common in every learning process. Always be confident and learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes we quit too soon. Be patient and try once more.

24. Listen more than you talk

More you listen, more you learn. Sometimes it’s better to listen and summarize it before you take any action in your life.

25. Avoid the trap of perfection

Perfection is a relative term. Nothing is perfect, and there is no definition of perfection in real life. You can’t make everything perfect. But you can make it better. So try to make it better by fixing the mistakes.

26. Learn to present the best version of yourself

Learn to take care of yourself and be organized. Everyone loves clean and calm persons. Work on your personality and try to present the best of you.

27. Erase those negative thoughts away

If you want positive things to happen in your life. Then you have to be positive. Always there will be some negative thoughts. You can’t erase them. But you can develop positive thoughts. And those positive thoughts will motivate you to live a happy life.

28. Help someone if you can

We all need help in our life. Before you expect help from others. Help other peoples so that you can expect help from them in your bad time.

29. Pass more time with your family

happy lifestyle family
Life is short so spend more time with your family | matey lifestyle

We live with our family but we don’t pass time with them. These days half of our life is already eaten by gadgets. We sit close to each other and try to sink in the virtual world. In this way, we can live but we can’t live happily. Try to manage time for your family and pass time with them. It will make them happy and you will also feel it in your heart.

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