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23 Best Travel Tips To Have A Better Travelling Experience

23 travel tips for smart travellers

Modern tech and innovations made travelling much easier. But even today you need a proper travel plan, to have a nice travelling experience. Here we listed some of the best travel tips and hacks to have a better travelling experience.

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Travel Tips and Hacks to Know Before the Trip

travel tips and hacks to know before you plan your trip

1. Do not over-pack

Remember you are going on a trip and you will come back within some days. So try to take only essential things. More bags means more tension. Because you have to take care of them throughout the trip.

Sometime in your trip, you have to take public transports such as trains and bus. So, you have to lift them. Heavy luggage can make you exhausted. And if you get exhausted then how do you enjoy your trip?

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2. Do a quick medical checkup to ensure you are fit for travelling

Falling ill during your trip can be a major problem. So before you book your travel ticket do a quick medical checkup. If required take a vaccine.

In your trip, you can get a minor cut or something like that so don’t forget to buy a small first-aid kit.

4. Ensure the availability of your money

Notify Your Bank and Credit Card Companies That You’ll Be Traveling. If you are travelling international then also notify them that you will be in other countries. Some bank blocks their card if they see it withdrawing money from different locations.

Always keep two credit cards for backup. In some places, they take only cash. So keep enough local currency with you.

Sometimes you can get a better exchange rate if you use ATM and credit cards instead of exchanging money directly.

Keep your cash in different places within your luggage and body. If one of your bags get lost and its where you kept all of your money then you will be in trouble.

Tell your family or friends that if you require some urgent cash then you might ask them for a quick transfer to your account. Figure out who will do it for you if you need some money.

5. Buy an international sim card if you are travelling internationally

hotspot internet connection for travelling
international travel tips

In many places, they don’t have free wifi. So how could you call your home?

If one of your friends already visited that place then ask them if they have a valid sim card or not.

If getting an international sim card becomes a problem for you then you can use Teppy- A pocket-sized personal WiFi hotspot for travellers.

It will create a personal and secure wifi hotspot for you. You can connect five different devices with it. The speed of the device is fine checking messages doing Whatsapp or Skype calls. After booking they will deliver it to your home or hotel. The delivery time is two to five days.

* Many other companies also provide similar devices, you can do a quick google search. Personally, I found this best in terms of pricing and the number of countries in their network.

6. Mark Your Checked Baggage As Fragile

It will ensure that your bag gets handled with care and it will also be taken out of the cargo first.

7. Email a copy of important documents and passport to yourself

There are many chances that you can forget your important documents at the hotel or they get stolen. So to protect yourself; your identity card and important documents should be easily accessible to you.

Sometimes if there is no internet then that can be a problem. It’s better to make two or three photocopies of your important documents. Keep one copy to yourself and the other one in a different bag.

8. Don’t forget your tablet/mobile and their charger

This can be a problem when you find you didn’t bring your gadgets and their charger. If you have multiple devices then pre-pack some of your devices. Also, don’t forget to pack their chargers.

Take your power bank for some instant charging and backup.

Travel hack: To save space you can put your charger in your extra shoes. This will also help you to protect them and it will also save some space.

It will be better to segment your luggage bag for each group of items. use some transparent bag inside your main luggage. It will help you to keep your things organized and you can easily see those items.

If you take your USB cable with you then at the airport or in your hotel you can charge your phone through the tv. See the side of the tv for the USB port. Connect it and start charging.

9. If travelling internationally

Don’t forget to register with your embassy before you go. Also, save their phone number and email to contact them if needed. Make sure you also write them down on paper. In case your phone becomes dead you can see it and contact through some other sources.

Travel Tips And Hacks For The Departure

travel tips for departure
travel tips for departure

10. Make a list and check all the items one day before

You need a list, for your trip. If you don’t make a list then you can forget things easily. So it’s very much important to have a list and pack your things one day before. By packing one day before you will be free from any tension and probably there will be few chances to miss anything at home.

11. Make sure you’re 2 hours ahead of everyone else

Forget your hidden skill of doing all the things just before the closing time. This time be two hours ahead of everyone else.

Benefits of being 2 hours early in your trip. You will avoid that long queue that you hate. And you will get fresh food and the best services.

12. Wear something comfortable

Don’t try your new clothes if you didn’t wear them before. Remember you have to wear that cloth for many hours so wear something comfortable.

13. Learn some local language phrases while you are on the way

Make proper use of your travel time by learning some local language phrases. It will help you in better communicating with local people. If you don’t have a guide then this can help you a lot.

14. Buy a journal or newspaper

It will give you something to read and it can be used in many things.

15. Take a water bottle with you

You need water while you are travelling. Save some dollar and keep a water bottle filled with water.

Airport hack while you are travelling: Through airport security, you can’t pass liquid, even if its water. Simply empty the water bottle and after passing the security fill it with water again and you are ready to go.

Travel hacks When You Arrive & Ready To Explore The New Location

travel hacks reaching destination
travel hacks after reaching your destination

16. Before you go out – make sure you have enough cash

Some people spend money without seeing their wallet; even when they are travelling. before you purchase anything or spend make sure you have enough cash to return hotel. If you are travelling in a group then you can get help from others. But if you are travelling alone then make sure you got enough cash.

If you think you will manage the money from ATM you are risking yourself. If your card stop working or that ATM stops working then you have to wait a lot and you can get into trouble.

17. Don’t forget the name of the place where you are staying and save an offline map for the region

I faced this one time. I was so helpless at that moment. Thankfully I managed to find the place after some hours of running and travelling.

18. Important travel tips- Don’t forget to taste local food and exploring local cultures

travel tips for exploring new location

You will regrate after coming back. Because you didn’t taste a single bite of the local food. Travelling means having new experiences and excitement. If you want to get some more stars on your travel trip make sure you taste some of their best food items.

You are in a new place, you travelled most of the beautiful places. And you are feeling happy. Wait! Did you meet a single local people?

If you want to deliver a good travel story to your friend and family then definitely check local peoples of that place.

19. Avoid the tourist traps and be smart when you buy anything from the street

New place new currency. If you don’t have any idea of the price then check before you buy it. Tourists are always get targeted if they understand that you don’t have any idea about its price.

If you are with your guide then go to a corner and ask about the price point.

20. Try to Travel slow – like a local person

If you want to enjoy your trip fully then travel slow. Spend some time at different locations so that you don’t miss any memorable moments.

Travel tips For returning Home

travel tips and hacks for returning home

21. Pack your most important items first

People often ignore some precautions and they start panicking on the day of returning. If you want to relax the whole way of returning home then you should spend one or two hours packing.

22. Put wet and used cloth in a plastic bag

A lot of time you take a bath in the hotel’s pool or at a sea beach. Before coming back you may want to have it once more. So, if your clothes are wet then make sure they don’t make other things wet too.

Also if your used clothes are not cleaned properly then they will stink. So make sure you separate them from others.

23. Take breakable things with you

You purchased a lot of cool stuff. If you think they are fragile and can’t handle the pressure in cargo then take those with your backpack or handbag.

After reaching home if you find one of your favourite purchase is already broken then you know what will happen. Carry them with care so that you can bring them to your apartment safely.

Would you like to share your secret travel hacks? Feel free to comment below.

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